We have received an incredible response from our community. Thank you for your questions and support. Our answers are not legal or medical advice. In the case of adverse effects or accidental ingestion, seek immediate medical assistance.

Are all of your ingredients organic?

When we can source organic ingredients, we do. Cannabis can not be certified organic as federal law restricts Schedule 1 drugs from certification. In turn, we use Sun Grown flowers that have been tested for pesticides and mold.

Can you ship out of state?

Interstate commerce is federal jurisdiction. Currently, the federal government ruled cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug. All trafficking between state lines is illegal even if both states are recreational or medicinal.

Do you deliver?

We currently do not offer delivery. Local cities and counties are deciding whether to allow delivery. Los Angeles has barred delivery, whether that changes is yet to be determined.

Do you lab test your chocolates?

We work with SC Labs to test our chocolates.

Do you take interns?

We are a small, artisan company. At the moment we are not accepting interns, but please send your resume to info@marigoldsweetsco.com for future consideration.

What dose is right for me?

Everyone’s endocannabinoid system is unique. If you consume cannabis on a more regular basis your tolerance will be higher. For new cannabis consumers, we recommend starting with 5MG THC dose.

What is the shelf life of your chocolates?

Our confections have a great shelf-life. Although they do not contain preservatives, our chocolates can last for months. Of course, they taste their best within one month of the manufacturing date.

Where can I find your product?

Our line of chocolates is carried by locally compliant dispensaries. Check our Collective page to find one near you. We are still a small artisan company and will be expanding in more dispensaries as we grow.